Tuesday, June 23, 2009

9th Vision Masters in Singapore

Just a days ago the Fide Presidential Board meeting in Krakow put on the press release that :

“ made a decision to promote the activities of the FIDE Chess Academy system by franchising academies throughout the world, based on the model of the Singapore Chess Academy.“

So, quite but steady, Singapore begin to start a chess atmosphere on the island by providing a good chess education, mainly for junior. There are now at least three chess schools in Singapore can be found by browsing search engine. The main is Intchess, who incorporation with ASEAN Chess Academy, the The Powerchess.org, and Chess Kidz.

Singapore also 'import' many titled players to cheers up the chess competition here. As happen in this week, which is found only by browsing the chess-results, the 9th Vision Master hosted by Intchess are in action now. The tournament consisted of 12 participants,mainly are tutor of Intchess. It is looks like a round robin tournament and held many times in a span of a year. Maybe an internal event for the Intchess tutor?

Updated on Saturday 27th June 09.
Updated on Tuesday 30th June 09.
Well, it seems that my last update on this tournament a bit inaccurate. Yesterday I found that the updated final standing put IM Enrique Paciencia as a winner , tied with IM Ranola Yves. From chess-result the previous edition of Vision Masters are won by IM Rico Mascarinas (2416) and GM Bui Vinh (2509)
(Correct) 9th Vision Masters Final standing are :
1.IM Paciencia Enrique SIN 2422 8
2.IM Ranola Yves PHI 2390 8
3.Gloria Eric PHI 2301 6
4. WFM Nguyen Thi Mai Hung VIE 2295 5.5
5. FM Shanmugam Ravindran SIN 2263 5.5
6. GM Wong Meng-Kong SIN 2423 5.5
7. FM Fernandez Daniel Howard SIN 2171 5.5
8. FM Chua Zheng Yuan Terry SIN 2250 5.5
9. FM Gyozalyan Tigran ARM 2267 5
10. IM Ramos Domingo JPN 2306 4.5
11. WIM Nguyen Thi Thuan Hoa VIE 2205 3.5
12. FM Chia Chee-Seng SIN 2221 3.5

The PGN games can be download at chess-results page. A quick look at it reveals that many game had gone into a miniature-like. Upcoming next is a Singapore National Blitz with Open and Junior section. The list tells that GM Wong Meng Kong is top seed (2465) with closes number two is the youngster Timothy Chan (2118) and Daniel Chan-Yi Ren (2099). A chess writers Olimpiu Urcan also spotted taken part of this event.

Back to Vision Master, here are games from round 6 where the tournament leader IM Ranola Yves down FM Chia Chee-Seng in a miniture like Sicilian game.

Chia, Chee-Seng - Ranola, Yves 0-1 ECO "B34"

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