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Surreal Sicilian in Serbia

Another new chess blog from me is SURREAL SICILIAN. Like my Shredder Chess Move, this is going to be a fun chess games played in sicilian defence AND win by Black in less than 30 moves. So this is pretty much an overview about sicilian opening that favour black. I am doing this because I am playing sicilian in black for almost 10 years and seeing black crushing white with sicilian is a great pleasure. I will put simple commentary (can't called it annotation ...) on what I can think about it.

Serbia Individual Championship started from 2nd to 15th April 2009, the last round is 10th, and here a miniature game that fall to my new article. Here the first edition of Surreal Sicilian, a win by GM Boban Bogosavljevic (2526) over Serbian junior champion Ivan Sarenac (2320). The diagram will be flipped and we will enjoy this game in black point of view.

The bahasa indonesian commentary in blue.

Sarenac, Ivan 2320 0 - 1 GM Bogosavljevic, Boban 2526
Round 10, Serbia Individual Championship 2009,B61

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 d6 6. Bg5 Bd7 7. Qd2 Rc8 8.f4
a Richter-Rauzer, Larsen variation (B61) played here.

...Nxd4 9.Qxd4 Qa5 10. e5 Ng4

in Lahno (2439) vs. Andreev (2490), Kramatorsk 2003 black immediately play 10...dxe5 ,which black lost in 28 moves.

Partai lain (dituliskan di atas) memainkan 10..dxe5 hitam langsung tukaran bidak, berakhir dengan kekalahan hitam di langkah ke 28.

11. exd6 f6 while attacking black is also open up a square for future king evacuation, if needed.

sambil menyerang hitam membuka petak buat pelarian rajanya, kalo diperlukan.

12. dxe7? Bxe7 13. O-O-O
white is one pawn ahead but a hanging bishop on g5. the long castling with rook immediately come to attacking looks over optimistic. The problem should be a queen standing on a5 waiting for white's knight to be eliminated and launch a sneak attack.

putih yang unggul satu bidak tapi gajahnya dalam kondisi terancum melakukan blokade panjang agar benteng nya langsung ikut menyerang ke petak d7. tapi masalahnya ratu hitam yang bertengger di a5 siap menunggu kuda putih untuk dilengserkan dan melakukan serangan balik.

..Be6 14. Bb5+ Kf7 15. Bd7 Bxd7 16. Qxd7 Rxc3!

sacrifice a rook for an important knight. now suddenly black has serious counter attack.

hitam mengorbankan benteng dan melengserkan kuda yang penting. serangan balik yang cukup serius dari hitam.

17. bxc3 Qxc3 18. Rhe1 Ne3 19. Rxe3 Qxe3+ 0-1

black resign because losing a piece and ..Rd8 ready to force an exchange that favour black.

hitam menyerah karena gajahnya siap melayang, selain itu benteng hitam menuju d8 memaksa tukaran yang menguntungkan hitam.

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