Sunday, April 26, 2009

1.d4 Rules in Heavyweight Chess Match

The recent match of heavyweight chess between Var Akobian and Yuri Shulman just over. Var Akobian won the rapid match with 3.5 to 2.5 of six games and blitz match 6.0 to 2.0 of eight games.

We have five wins for rapid match all games started with 1.d4. The opening choices as as follow :

R 1 : Akobian-Shulman 1-0 E61 King's Indian 3.Nc3
R 2 : Shulman-Akobian 1/2-1/2 E11 Bogo Indian Defence
R 3 : Akobian-Shulman 0-1 E61 King's Indian 3.Nc3
R 4 : Shulman-Akobian 0-1 D12 Slav 3.Nf3
R 5 : Akobian-Shulman 1-0 D43 Semi-Slav
R 6 : Shulman-Akobian 1-0 E04 Catalan, Open 5.Nf3
White 3.5 - Black 2.5

For blitz match games started with 1.d4 are :
R 1 : Shulman-Akobian 0-1 D12 Slav
R 2 : Akobian-Shulman 1-0 D35 QGD Exchange
R 3 : Shulman-Akobian 1-0 D12 Slav
R 4 : Akobian-Shulman 0-1 missing
R 5 : Shulman-Akobian 0-1 A40 unnusual reply to 1.d4
R 6 : Akobian-Shulman 1-0 D63 Queens Gambit Accepted 7.Rc1
R 7 : Shulman-Akobian 0-1 D34 Tarrasch Defence, Main Line
R 8 : Akobian-Shulman 1-0 A80 Dutch
White 4 - Black 4

Very well, the myth that 1.d4 is dulled and positional are a topic of myth-buster now :) . As it can be seen this move lead to a decisive result for five rapid games and all blitz games.

Duel Varuzhan Akobian dan Yuri Shulman di California dimenangkan Var Akobian. Dia menang 3.5 lawan 2.5 di partai catur cepat dan menang 6-0 di partai catur kilat. Yang seru adalah semua partai di catur cepat dimainkan dengan 1.d4 dengan hasil menang kalah dan hanya satu kali seri.

Here the blitz game from round 5 where Akobian played unnusual reply to 1.d4, a popular trick to do in blitz game to surprise your opponent.

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