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Women's Chess Championship Sochi 2015 - Graphical Pairing Tree

The FIDE Women's World Chess Championship 2015 in Sochi is about to started. 64 selected female chess warriors are put in brackets, to be eliminated one by one per round. Yes, another knock out chess tournament is on the roll once again. Although the format believed as less likened by chess elites, but the excitement of knock out is good for chess fans. Koneru Humpy is the top seed, followed by Ju Wenjun, Anna Muzychuk, and Viktorija Cmilyte. The fours of them placed on separate "group", expected to only encounter each other in semifinals. However, of course things are not as easy on paper. Alexandra Kosteniuk, Natalia Pogonina, Stefanova, Ushenina, and many other players are there to spice thing up. Funnily enough, Hou Yifan, the current woman world champion is not playing. She will immediate forfeited the title by system. Amazingly enough, Hou Yifan is already secured her "challenger" position. So, this year's women chess championship is trivial, the challenger is the one who first decided. Hou will enjoy the sun of March in Hawaii (but still under the worry of Cyclone Pam as happened in Vanuatu), while FIDE going to organized who is going to be their champion in Sochi.

I've edit the existing pairing diagram bracket from official website:

2015 FIDE World Women's Chess Championship 2015 Pairing Diagram tree bracket
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ROUND 3 - REPORTS / Round 4 Pairings
ROUND 4 - REPORTS / Semi Final 5 Pairings

Some pairing commentaries and highlights;

India, Humpy Koneru 2581  vs Egypt, Ayah Moaataz  2022
There haven't any example of first round loss of first seed in all FIDE Knock out tournament, so Humpy Koneru will  likely not to be the first on this. In fact, Koneru is kind of missing from top chess circle for quite sometimes now. She will want to get this opportunity to secured her current status as one of worthy challenger to Hou Yifan-reign.

China, Lei Tingjie 2444 vs Peru, Deysi Cori 2444
Both rating at 2444. Equality is the guarantee of hard battle in this pairing. Cori Deysi career is bumpy to the road of elite group. She largely neglected in the European chess scenes. On other hand, Lei Tingjie is the latest China product of chess player and WGM. She played in Moscow Open 2015 and proved to be well prepared as she bring home the first trophy in Women's Cup group. Hard work for Cori Deysi.
Russia, Alisa Galliamova 2484 vs Argentina, Carolina Luján 2349
Russian veteran Alisa Galliamova is going to be challenge by Argentinian female champion Lujan Carolina. Though the rating different by more than hundred points in favor of Alisa, this should be interesting to see.
Russia, Tatiana Kosintseva 2483 vs India, Mary Ann Gomes 2354
Although her position as Russian top girl is a little bit shaken by the arrival of new bloods, Tatiana Kosintseva still hundred point above Mary Ann Gomes. The Indian girl is well known on internet.

Ukraine, Mariya Muzychuk 2526 vs Canada, Yuanling Yuan 2267
Canadian Chinese and the country strongest female player, Yuan Yuanling is having tough opponent. Mariya Muzychuk almost three hundred points above, is going to send home Yuan very likely.
Poland, Monika Socko 2463 vs Lithuania, Deimante Daulyte 2395
Lithuanian champion, Deimante Daulyte is the new 2015 Mediterranean Flower champion. She is going the get her present by facing big sister Monika Socko in first round.

Bulgaria, Antoaneta Stefanova 2522  vs Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Thanh An 2261
The other big sister Antoanetta Stefanova is having her "easier" day, facing Nguyen Thi Thanh An. Hopefully Stefanova get the correct "Nguyen" in her opponent analysis.... j/k.

Ukraine, Natalia Zhukova 2471 vs Ukraine, Inna Gaponenko 2384
 The derby between two Ukrainians, both should be experience enough playing each other. Natalia on +1 in their three encounter, according to
Lithuania, Viktorija Cmilyte 2530 vs Bangladesh, Akter Liza Shamima 2130
Astronomical big gap in rating meaning Viktorija is almost sure to crush Liza Shamima of Bangladesh.

Georgia, Nino Khurtsidze 2457 vs Russia, Ekaterina Kovalevskaya 2438
Close match.

Armenia, Elina Danielian 2488 vs Cuba, Yaniet Marrero Lopez 2316

Germany, Elisabeth Paehtz 2479 vs Georgia,  Meri Arabidze 2374

Russia, Alexandra Kosteniuk 2529 vs Australia, Irina Berezina 2182
One of former world champion, Alexandra Kosteniuk is on respective 5th seeded. Australian Irina Berezina is going to have tough days meeting the chess queen.

China, Shen Yang 2459 vs Russia, Alina Kashlinskaya 2436
Russian rising star Alina Kashlinskaya is on the underdog side, playing Shen Yang. Interesting pairing. The first China vs Russia pairing.

India, Harika Dronavalli 2492 vs United States, Tatev Abrahamyan 2322
Indian 2nd top player to be challenged by USA session player. Tatev Abrahamyan, many times US champion top finishers.

United States, Irina Krush  2477 vs France, Sophie Milliet 2377
US champion Irina Krush is the better seed against Sophie Milliet. Though the later is also session player. Sophie Milliet is one of few player who ever visit Indonesia for a chess games.

China, Ju Wenjun 2557 vs Egypt, Shrook Wafa 2058
The second seed vs the second last seed. Money is on Ju Wenjun, and most likely Ju Wenjun is the one set to be Hou Yifan serious challenger and successor.

Russia, Natalija Pogonina 2456  vs China, Guo Qi 2443
Natalia Pogonina, one of online chess celebrities. Guo Qi, noted that she is from Jiangsu Province in China, the same region as Hou Yifan and many other China grandmaster. According to Hou Yifan in the Gibraltar interview, Jiangsu Province is like China's Mecca in chess. Well, something to remember, Natalia. The second China vs Russia pairing of first round.

Ukraine, Anna Ushenina 2486 vs China, Zhang Xiaowen 2349
Anna Ushenina is last knock out champion. Zhang Xiaowen, a name lesser heard. She is 1989 born, age 25, considered "senior" sister for the China contingent.

France, Marie Sebag 2482 vs China, Wang Jue 2365

China, Zhao Xue 2527 vs Argentina, Marisa Zuriel 2219

Georgia, Salome Melia 2459 vs Indonesia, Irine Kharisma Sukandar 2415
Indonesian highlight pairing. Irine is fresh from her triumphant "warm up" in Moscow 2015. Of course a player as strong as Salome Melia is a tough challenge. Irine comes as Asian champion. The rating is quite close. Ulasan Bahasa Indonesia.

Georgia, Bela Khotenashvili 2513 vs Turkey, Kübra Öztürk 2284

China, Huang Qian 2473 vs Russia, Baira Kovanova 2381
the third China vs Russia pairing. Baira Kovanova is 2012 Russian Higher League champion.

Ukraine, Anna Muzychuk 2552 vs Algeria, Amina Mezioud 2071
Anna Muzychuk, 3rd seed and of course one of tournament contender.

Russia, Aleksandra Goryachkina 2456 vs Armenia, Lilit Mkrtchian 2443
Interesting match up. Russian young generation versus Armenian veteran.

China, Tan Zhongyi 2487 vs Kazakhstan, Guliskhan Nakhbayeva 2337
Georgia, Lela Javakhishvili vs Georgia, Sopiko Guramishvili
Unfortunate pairing for Georgian huge contingent. Guramishvili get one rapid win over Lela in database.

Russia, Valentina Gunina 2528 vs United States, Camilla Baginskaite 2192
Though opponent for the third United States player. Camilla is out rating by almost four hundred points.

Russia, Olga Girya 2459 vs Turkey, Ekaterina Atalik 2419
Again, Russian's young generation vs her senior rival.

Sweden, Pia Cramling 2495 vs Iran, Mitra Hejazipour 2302
Of many strong Iranian female player, it is Mitra Hejazipour that comes to Sochi. A name we less known. Pia Cramling is on her 51 year of life, making her the most senior player in the field (?)

Hungary, Hoang Thanh Trang 2475 vs Scotland, Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant 2379
Hoang is Vietname name, in fact Hoang Thanh Trang played for Hungary for decade now. Ketevan is also not exactly Scottish name, originated from Georgian, Arakhamia-Grant is Scottish top female chess player. Interesting pairing.

Opening Ceremony Photo is up in this link and  Official website

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