Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fargere won Dutch Open 2010 with Sicilian Game

This week of Surreal Sicilian games are featured by recent Dutch Open champion, GM Francois Fargere. Little known for this GM but he is a clear 1 point (7.5/9) above eight others player, including GM Erwin L'Ami. See TWIC report here

Two Sicilian games won by Black side, and a very nice one. First is a game IM Mekhitarian, Krikor Sevag.  vs GM F. Fargere, black played a poisonous Najdorf variation. For most of middlegame the Black Queen manuevered through the board. Although Black's Queen side pieces are not even moves, Black managed to advantage himself up to three pawns.

IM Mekhitarian - GM Fargere
Second is a inspiring Black Sicilian with ...h7-h5 featured. For this Black benefit most with White king stucked in the h-corner.

IM Pruijssers, Roeland - GM Fargere:

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