Monday, April 26, 2010

Asian Individual 2010 Round 6 - So Leading

Round 6 now in Asian Individual Chess 2010 Subic. Wesley So craved himself a strong top position, started by defeating Susanto Megaranto in a sharp edge Ruy Lopez in round 5. After that Wesley take a draw against Indian GM Gopal in round 6. The in depth of So vs Megaranto can be viewed here or here (interactive). Wesley So vs Ni Hua should be great top board fight for round 7.

Megaranto himself fight a hard draw at round 6 against MF Asghar Golizadeh. He will playing untitled Chinese Yu Ruiyuan at round 7. The untitled lad, Yu had killed GM Rahman Ziaur at round two and draw most of GMs and IMs along his way, no surprise really. Megaranto greatest feature was a win over GM Sasikiran at round 3.

In Women section, GMW Irene Kharisma shall play her latest 'training' opponent IM Tania Sachdev at round 7. She was defeated by WGM Atousa POURKASHIYAN in the previous round, whom also temporary top the standing. Atousa will be challenged by Chinese talent Ju Wenjun at round 7.

See Women chess-result page here and Open chess-result page here.

GM Krishnan Sasikiran vs GM Megaranto Susanto
(the PGN downloaded from chess-result page contained error on this game)
untuk melihat notasi partai-partai pemain Indonesia lihat Potret Catur.

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