Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Asian Continental Individual 2010

Luckily although Phillipine also famous as volcano archipelago, they don't have something like Eyjafjallajokull, so today's Asian Continental Individual Chess runs smoothly on the schedule and without much hoo ha.

The first round just gone, four Indonesians players are in, GM Megaranto Susanto, WGM Irene Kharisma, WFM Dewi AA Citra and IM Nasib Ginting. The first two survive first game to lower rated opponents, Nasib Ginting must take a lost to Chinese fresh GM Yu Yangyi. Dewi lost to a titled Chinese girl.

In Open field there is GM Li Quang Liem as top seed but lost the first round to IM Kiril Kuderinov. Then followed second and third seed Sasikiran and Ni Hua. GM Wesley So himself seed fourth. This tournament will quite legitimate with almost all top Asian players are in, of course minus the World Champion himself.

In Women, about 24 players are in. WGM Ju Wenjun leading the field with her 2500 rating. The field miss GM Zhu Chen who was playing last year and also delegation from Mongolia who happens to have quite strong girls. Koneru Humpy also missing, she hasn't playing for a while, has she? And also Hou is keeping her energy for a while after winning the KL Open this month.

For chess result see here for OPEN and WOMEN.

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