Thursday, December 17, 2009

London Chess Classic 2009 - Magnus Wins

Not much exciting news after the World Cup 2009 and London Chess Classic. For the later, Magnus Carlsen wins , again. Other participant like Kramnik also went well, he is only suffered one lost to Carlsen in first round. David Howell and Michael Adams in third place while Luke McShane is the strong dark horse ahead of Nakamura , Ni Hua and Short. The tournament applied three point system for the winning and one point for draw. Final position :

1 GM Carlsen, Magnus 2801 NOR 13
2 GM Kramnik, Vladimir 2772 RUS 12
3 GM Howell, David W L 2597 ENG 9 Win with black
4 GM Adams, Michael 2698 ENG 9 Win with white
5 GM McShane, Luke J 2615 ENG 7
6 GM Ni, Hua 2665 CHN 6 One game won
7 GM Nakamura, Hikaru 2715 USA 6
8 GM Short, Nigel D 2707 ENG 5

Tournament brilliancy prize goes to Luke McShane vs Nakamura, see the game here.

In more exciting lower festival, the FIDE Open also won by a Nordic player. GM Jon Ludvig Hammer get 8 point out of 9 round. Simon Williams, Mark Hebden and IM Jovanka Houska are 7 point. See result here.

Other excited part is all women section. The Womens' Invitational first title goes to WIM Arianne Caoili of Australia, previously a Phillipine master, with 8/9. England Susan Lalic is no.2 with 6/9. Full result here.

Overall the tournament goes very well in term of organizing and information provided. The website gives many photos and reports. Other event is like Victor Korchnoi simuls. Also great is a support from third party website like Chessvibes and Chessbomb which gives a live games. Official site here.

Some games to be shown here is a 27 movers win by GM Hammer over Neil McDonald in a Catalan game. A nice game where it is not easy to see what went wrong in Black side. So here is the latest addition to my 1.d4 games collection. The Shredding Chess Move collection :

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