Friday, December 18, 2009

Korchnoi-Spassky Battle of Giant

Victor Korchnoi is back in action but this time he is not to play teenage or girls. His opponent today is also an old hand , the tenth world champion Boris Spassky. The match to be held yesterday to 27th Dec in 8 games.

First game won by Victor Korchnoi who played white side against a Nimzo Indian defence.

Full official story here :

In December of this year will be held in Elista chess match between the tenth world champion Boris Spassky (France) and "eternal challenger, Viktor Korchnoi (Switzerland), to commemorate the 400 th anniversary of the Voluntary Entering of the Kalmyk people in the Rossiyskogo state.
Boris Spassky - the tenth world champion, won the chess crown in a dramatic duel with Tigran Petrosian, who gave it in turn to the great Bobby Fischer. B. Spassky - a brilliant chess player and a brilliant psychologist, has always referred to play on peaking, and often preferred to draw the game to win, even in the worst position. B. Spassky was not an innovator in the debut, although it may be noted one component of chess, in which the tenth world champion was not just strong, but noticeably superior to all his contemporaries. Playing in a complex multi-figure middlegame! A wonderful sense of coordination figures, the ability to choose the best moment to strike. When it is necessary to continue strengthening the position and when it is time to attack - these questions B. Spassky decided at the board almost flawlessly. At an intuitive level.

Viktor Korchnoi - the oldest of the currently playing grandmasters in the world. In his 78 years, Victor L. actively participates in various chess tournaments. With 60 years of XX century Korchnoi is a contender for the title of world champion, he is considered the strongest chess player, never won the crown of world champion in chess. V. Korchnoi, winner of more than sixty international competitions - a brilliant connoisseur of debuts and endgame positions. For sixty years, both have played a match between a total of 69 official games. V. Korchnoi won 22 of them, 15 on account B. Spassky, and 32 ended in a peaceful outcome. The last meeting took place masters 10 years ago in St. Petersburg, their native city, during the celebration of 275 anniversary of St. Petersburg University.

Then the landslide victory won 6:4 V. Korchnoi, winning 65% of the prize fund of 12 thousand dollars. The initiative of the President of FIDE, Head of the Republic of Kalmykia KN Ilyumzhinov to hold the match V. Korchnoi and Boris Spassky, on the 400-Anniversary of Voluntary Entering of the Kalmyk people in the Rossiyskogo state, with prize fund of U.S. $ 20 000 in Elista was supported by the Congress of FIDE. The match will take place in the meeting hall of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 17 to 27 December in 8 rounds. December 22, the day of rest, will blitz tournament with the participation of veterans of chess in Kalmykia and 10 invited veterans of chess from Moscow and St. Petersburg. In good tradition for the audience in the lobby of the party would comment on the international grandmasters Alexander Nikitin and I. Zaitsev.

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