Sunday, December 11, 2016

Novendra and Ummi Won Japfa Chess 2016

As reported in this post, the Japfa chess tournament 2016 had started and now they just finished. Japfa Master International chess tournament 2016 won by FM Priasmoro Novendra (2353) and Japfa Women International Chess 2016 won by WFM Ummi Fisabililla. Both are from host country, Indonesia. The tournament saw a battle of 9 swiss rounds, happening in Hotel Novotel Jakarta from 5th to 11st December 2016. Chess masters such as IM Alexander Wohl and IM Alina L'Ami participated in Japfa tournament 2016 also.

Final Standings Japfa Master Chess 2016 :

111FMPriasmoro NovendraINA23537,038,000,05
26FMSetyaki Azarya JodiINA23036,536,500,03
39IMDuong The AnhVIE23216,533,000,03

Final Standing Japfa Woman Master Chess 2016 :

16WFMFisabilillah UmmiINA21187,537,000,05
25WIMFronda Jan JodilynPHI21657,035,750,05
33WIMLe Kieu Thien KimVIE22157,034,500,05
Bapak Ir Rachmad dari pihak SPONSOR PT JAPFA COMFEED Tbk selaku sponsor JAPFA Master International Chess Tournament merangkul para alumni Sekolah Catur UTUT ADIANTO yang mnejadi Juara 1 yaitu Ummi Fisabililah utk kategori Women International Chess Tournamnet dan Novendra P utk kategori Master International Chess Tournament
Photo : Djoni Chess

Japfa Chess is Indonesian annual chess event that started many years ago. PT japfa Comfeed Tbk is the main sponsor.

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