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Japfa International Master Chess 2016 Started

Japfa International Master is started in Jakarta, Indonesia since December 5th 2016. The tournament is perhaps one of the longest international level event in Indonesia. Japfa chess already reach its 15th years in running. Many world renown chess master played in previous Japfa tournament such as Nigel Short, Alexander Khalifman, Judit Polgar all the way to current super star alike Wesley So.

The playing location for Japfa International Chess 2016 is Novotel Hotel in Jakarta. It will be 9 rounds swiss tournament. The first prize to be IDR 5,000,000 (approx. 400 USD). The tournament was won by IM Sean Winshand in 2015.

In this 2016 edition, the tournament dubbed as Japfa International Master Chess 2016. This field filled with 12 chess players. A mix of Indonesian younger chess player (and also veteran) fight with international master. Most of them come from nearby region such as IM Alexander Wohl from Australia and notably also female IM Alina L'Ami from Dutch. Rest of the field coming from Myanmar and Vietnam players.

Some of good news from home player are FM Priasmoro Novendra defeating IM Alexander Wohl. As the The Jakarta Post reported :

In the IM category, home young player Novendra Priasmoro, 17, also surprised the field by defeating IM Aleksandar Wohl of Australia in the second round. He stopped his opponents after 31 moves of a Ruy Lopez opening.

Holding the white pieces, Novendra discovered a decisive 21.b4, according to chess observer and event director Kristianus Liem in a release.

“Novendra offered to sacrifice a pawn, which left Aleksander in a dilemma. If he had taken the pawn, a thrust of a rook would have followed and Aleksander’s knight or bishop would have collapsed,” he said.

Round 5 standings for this group :

11WGMHoang Thi Bao TramVIE23243,59,000,03
23IMWohl Aleksandar H.AUS23573,08,250,02
312FMTaher Yoseph TheolifusINA23533,06,750,02
49IMDuong The AnhVIE23213,06,250,01
52IMSadikin The IrwantoINA23152,56,500,02
611FMPriasmoro NovendraINA23532,56,250,02
74IML'ami AlinaROU23322,56,000,02
86FMSetyaki Azarya JodiINA23032,55,500,00
95IMNay Oo Kyaw TunMYA23412,04,250,01
7IMWynn Zaw HtunMYA23902,04,250,01
10IMPurnama Tirta ChandraINA23372,04,250,01
128WGMAulia Medina WardaINA23731,54,250,00

There is also Japfa  Women International Master. In which our Indonesian new generation players are shaping their claw and muscle. Young WFM Parahita M. Legowo surprised the field by hitting the top rank after 5 round with 3.5/5 points. She was followed by her colleague WFM Ummi Fisabilillah, then Phillipined WIM Jan Jodilyn Fronda. All three with 3.5/5 points. 

Standing after Round 5 - Japfa International Women 2016

111WFMLegowo Parahita MillyenaINA21363,58,500,02
26WFMFisabilillah UmmiINA21183,58,250,03
35WIMFronda Jan JodilynPHI21653,57,750,03
43WIMLe Kieu Thien KimVIE22153,07,000,02
59WFMLestari Baiq VinaINA21403,06,250,02
67WFMTan Li TingMAS20862,56,000,02
710Luong Phuong HanhVIE21562,55,000,02
812WIMSihite Chelsie Monica IgnesiaINA21982,54,500,02
91WFMRetno WijayantiINA21832,54,250,02
102WIMNur Abidah ShantiINA20381,53,250,00
118May Hsu LwinMYA20611,02,750,00
124May Hsett LwinMYA20731,02,500,00
There are no games available to show at the moment but there are several photos from media social:

Pertandingan catur STANDARD INTERNASIONAL FIDE RATED JAPFA MASTER CHESS TOURNAMENT dan CHALLENGER dibuka secara resmi hari Senin tgl 5 Desember2016 sore dgn salah satu kata sambutan dari Plt Ketua Umum PB PERCASI , bpk Drs Grand Master UTUT ADIANTO di Hotel NOVOTEL jalan Gajah Mada Jakarta - Photo Djoni Chess

International chess personalities eg IM Alina L'Ami come to visit Jakarta in Japfa Chess 2016. Alina L'Ami posted many wonderful street photography while in Jakarta in past year - Photo Djoni Chess

IM Aleksandar Wohl from Australia facing Indonesian IM Tirta Purnama Chandra. 

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