Saturday, May 12, 2012

World (Online) Celebrates Anand Gelfand

As the World Chess Championship 2012 begun, the world also fully ready to engaged Vishwanthan Anand vs Boris Gelfand. This is maybe the first World Chess Championship that fully armoured with online information all around. The world now literally celebrates World Chess Championship, literally all chess fans around the world get into the hand on seeing the chess moves by moves live. Dozens of GM played important parts on getting this experience wonderful. Friends or foe of Grandmaster join the dog talk, pre, in between or after the games, they exchange valuable insight commentary of each moves, and sometimes engaged in sharp exchange of comments. This is all well recorded and free to everyone worldwide. Surely the chess championship several years ago, Anand-Topalov are well framed online, but those before Android, iPhone or Blackberry take over human civilization.

For residence in the far side of chess epicentrum of Europe or US. Here in GMT+7 WCC in Moscow are transmitted afternoon. The same time slot that rival with European soccer. Of course there are a miles away when chess can be broadcast on street level via projector, watch together in soccer style. Chess in opposite just need that small damn thing called Samsung Tab 2 and the game right shown in our palm comfortably. In fact I sit in closet with Blackberry, just follow on the Twitter site and we got a handful of GM commented kindly on each move.

-The official coverage in comes with service of commentary and videos, the schedule are Nigel Short (on 11–12 May), Jan Timman (14–15 May), Joel Lautier (17 May), Peter Svidler (18, 23–24 and 28 May), Peter Leko (20–21 May), and Vladimir Kramnik (26 May).

-Paying site as in come with GM Daniel King, Loek van Wely, Yannick Pelletier etc.

-Chessdom / Chessbomb is with GM Arkadij Naiditsch and free by WGM Natalia Pogonina and WGM Jennifer Shahade for premium member with Yermolinsky, Larry Christiansen, Gawain Jones, David Smerdon, and many others, covering for WCC and US Championship.

But yet the fun not over, in less formal site as in Twitter, just type in #anandgelfand and enjoy the lively conversation among GM, well not invited GM, and just a spontaneous chat among chess community. GM Susan Polgar for example, dilligently provided comments and reply to some of other chess figure as with GM Erwin L'Ami, and Malcolm Pein .

Twitter "excerpts"

Malcolm Pein ‏ @TelegraphChess
"Still 80+% likelihood of draw here"

Susan Polgar Susan Polgar ‏ @SusanPolgar
@TelegraphChess No way! More like 99.99% :)"

Erwin l'Ami Erwin l'Ami ‏ @erwinlami
@SusanPolgar @TelegraphChess Let's compromise at 90% :)"

Susan Polgar Susan Polgar ‏ @SusanPolgar
"@erwinlami @TelegraphChess OK, 90.1% is my final offer :)"

On other part of world Mark Crowther (TWIC) chat with GM Jon Ludvig Hammer,  mostly about the drawing situation on first two games.

Steve Giddins ‏ @stevegchess@MarkTWIC I used to think so, but who would want more than 12 games of this rubbish?

Mark Crowther Mark Crowther ‏ @MarkTWIC
@stevegchess There have been plenty of draws like this in previous title matches. We're trying to turn them into performing seals these days

Jon Ludvig Hammer Jon Ludvig Hammer ‏ @gmjlh
@MarkTWIC @stevegchess Draws in old matches (KvK) were cynical, with lots of play. I think new approach by a new generation will change that

Mark Crowther Mark Crowther ‏ @MarkTWIC
@gmjlh Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian are certainly reasons to be very excited by the future possibilities of #chess.

Jon Ludvig Hammer Jon Ludvig Hammer ‏ @gmjlh
@MarkTWIC It's important that players understand 12 is how it has to be. And adapt style to maximize their chances. (imo. to score 1st win)

Mark Crowther Mark Crowther ‏ @MarkTWIC
@gmjlh Yeah but I'm sure they'll tell you that if they have to play boring black to win they'd do that in a heartbeat. That's sport.

Jon Ludvig Hammer Jon Ludvig Hammer ‏ @gmjlh
@MarkTWIC Well, at least #anandgelfand is not playing boring black openings! But still quick draws. Sentiment post-openings need to change.

or something like
Mark Crowther ‏ @MarkTWIC@gmjlh I think of Kasparov and Karpov's 2nd and 3rd matches not the first. But it certainly grabbed the headlines. Before you were born?!

 or a "trolling" twit:
Gawain Jones ‏ @GMGawainenvies Anand and Gelfand who just had to sit down for a few hours and agree a draw. I've spent the whole game tidying the bathroom!

so, here we go, celebrates World Chess Champion, celebrates chess and have fun!

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