Thursday, May 10, 2012

Asian Continental 2012 Round Six

In Women section, after a solid draw with GM Zhao Xue, WGM Irene K. Sukandar now landed a 5.5/6 points. She defeated IM Munguntuul Batkhuyag on round six and now a point ahead her competitors. A math work tells she is now need at least 2 point on her remaining three games to stay at least shared first. If she manage to win Asian Continenal Irene will become the first Indonesian female player to score a ticket for Chess World Cup.

In her game against Munguntuul, Irene again play for win although she only get the slightest advantage. Playing black she overcome Munguntuul in Sicilian defence. White allow her Knight to be exchange on c3 and give white a double pawn. Black duly exploit this disadvantage and won via endgame in high precision.

Asian Continental Women After Round 6:
1 WGM Sukandar Irine Kharisma INA 2288 5.5
2 WGM Nguyen Thi Thanh An VIE 2301 4.5
3 GM Zhao Xue CHN 2549 4.5
4 WGM Gomes Mary Ann IND 2378 4.5
5 WGM Ding Yixin CHN 2353 4.5
6 IM Mohota Nisha IND 2321 4.0
7 WGM Tan Zhongyi CHN 2430 4.0
8 IM Munguntuul Batkhuyag MGL 2451 4.0
9 Wang Jue CHN 2364 4.0
10 IM Karavade Eesha IND 2353 4.0

On Open section, things now more interesting as top seeded Le Quang Liem and Wesley So both bounced back against their respective GM opponents. But top position now belongs to GM Parimarjan Negi who defeated GM Yu Yangyi and he stay at 5/6.

Indonesian GM Megaranto Susanto suffered two loss round against GM Parimarjan Negi and to GM Oliver Barbosa. He is now at 3.5/4.

Asian Continental After Round 6:
1 GM Negi Parimarjan IND 2640 5.0
2 GM Gomez John Paul PHI 2507 4.5
3 IM Liu Qingnan CHN 2483 4.5
4 GM Yu Yangyi CHN 2626 4.5
5 GM Ding Liren CHN 2679 4.5
6 GM Barbosa Oliver PHI 2550 4.5
7 GM Salem A R Saleh UAE 2528 4.5
8 GM Paragua Mark PHI 2521 4.5
9 GM Lu Shanglei CHN 2522 4.5
10 GM Le Quang Liem VIE 2703 4.0
full result

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IM Munguntuul Batkhuyag vs WGM Irene K. Sukandar 0-1
Asian Continental Women Round 6 2012

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