Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Indonesia Open 2011: Li Chao and Ganguly Tie First

The last round of Indonesia Open Chess Championship 2011 decided two players as top point receiver. Li Chao crack Argentinian GM Mareco Sandro to catch Surya Ganguly on top with 7 points out of 9 rounds. Surya Ganguly unable to upgrade his position as he wasn't able to get full point against GM Wang Yue. Li Chao and Ganguly accurately represent two of Asia's powerhouse in chess in this decade.

On the second layer of 6.5/9 point receiver are : Oliver Barbosa, Tkachiev, Wang Yue, Wesley So and Aleksey Dreev. Then the highest host player GM Megaranto Susanto catch up in the third crowd with 6.0/9 , along with FM Awam Wahono who in this tournament defeated three GMs: Dmitry Reinderman, Elshan Moradiabadi and Mark Paragua, Awam finished the tournament with 2608 performance and likely will get a prize of title norm.

Top result of Indonesia Open Chess Championship 2011, Hotel Le Meredien Jakarta:
1 GM Li Chao b CHN 2710 7.0
2 GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar IND 2631 7.0
3 GM Barbosa Oliver PHI 2538 6.5
4 GM Tkachiev Vladislav FRA 2631 6.5
5 GM Wang Yue CHN 2716 6.5
6 GM So Wesley PHI 2655 6.5
7 GM Dreev Aleksey RUS 2711 6.5
8 GM Megaranto Susanto INA 2530 6.0
9 GM Mareco Sandro ARG 2597 6.0
10 FM Wahono Awam INA 2379 6.0
11 GM Shabalov Alexander USA 2529 6.0
12 GM Kotanjian Tigran ARM 2546 6.0
13 GM Zhao Jun CHN 2587 6.0
14 GM Laylo PHI 2534 6.0
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