Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shi Jiazhuang is no.1 Asian Cities 2011

Shi Jiazhuang demonstrate as superior city in Asian Cities 2011, a chess team tournament held in Jakarta over last week. Shi Jiazhuang 石家庄 is an succesful industrial city in the north east of Hebei Province of China.

The team consist of GMs (Yu Yangyi, Li Chao B etc.) going perfect score in 9 round of swiss system. Silver / no.2 spot went to Astana (Kazakstan) and Bronze Tehran. Host Jakarta and Palembang from Indonesia continued as no.5 and 6, with Tagaytay of Philipine (and Wesley So) stand on no.4 prior.

In plain English, top result :
1. Shi Jiazhuang (China)
2. Astana (Kazaks)
3. Tehran (Iran)
4. Tagaytay (Phillipine)
5. Jakarta (Indonesia)
6. Palembang  (Indonesia)

Indonesia's surprises result are FM  Hamdani Rudin win over GM Wesley So with black of Sicilian, and Evi Lindiawati (Tarakan team) win versus GM Wang Rui , also as black of Nimzo-Indian.

GM Wesley So - FM Hamdani Rudin

GM Wang Rui - Evi Lindiawati

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