Tuesday, March 29, 2011


First qualification for year 2011 World Cup done in Tianjin, China thru Asian Zone 3.5. After 9 rounds of Swiss, Li Chao (B) and Bu Xiangzhi were qualified. Li Chao played Gashimov in third round of 2009 World Cup, only sillily lost due to failed to sit in front of chess board seconds after the game started, the reason: he was smoking with fellow chess player. Bu Xiangzhi was also qualified in World Cup 2009 but didn't played because of conflict schedule (to London Chess Classic).

In Woman qualification (for Woman World Cup, 2012), Ju Wenjun and Shen Yang secured the tickets. Ju Wenjun once again prove be strongest in among the Chinese girls, the result consistent with her 2010 Women Chinese  Champion. Shen Yang is exactly the winner of previous year. So this Chinese Asian qualification resulting in the best player picked.

Chess result link, Male and Female. No link on the World Cup itself.

A clash between Shen Yang vs Ju Wenjun :

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