Monday, January 17, 2011

Tata Steel Chess 2011

Formerly called Corus Chess it is now renamed as Tata Steel Chess. Happening yearly in Wijk Aan Zee, I love this tournament because of its Division A,B, and C feeling. This year the A-team consisted many of "regular members", with only Anish Giri being handed the membership card. And he might be disliked to be there too! Hikaru Nakamura is standing high at current with 2.5/3, beating his twitter nemesis Grischuk like a baby and win the tactic assault on Shirov.

On Division B, David Navarra, ex-A team, should unleashed some frenzied according to his reputation. But it is Luke McShane that to shame to be there with a 3/3 performance so far. This group is usually a fight of young master.GM Wesley So still looking to break his egg but South East Asian-ers Le Quang Liem suffered a tragic end to Spoelman, losing his winning game.

And group C. After Judith gone, this must be the favorite group to audiences, at least for Photographer Fred Lucas! Lahno and Sachdev won her 3rd round. Well, to be success in this group, preparation to overcome your opponent charm is main concern here.

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