Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reggio Emilia and Hasting 2011

Two classical events started the year 2011. In Italy, the Reggio Emilia started with GM Alexander Morozevich playing. He was not much going the remember 2010 for its less chess achievements, losing about 80 elo rating. His present in Reggio is await by fans. Come together were Ivanchuck, Short, Caruana, Gashimov, and other to complete a ten players tournament. Gashimov won this with a tie break on Vallejo Ponds.

In round six, Movsessian down Short in a sort Sicilian games. Short (white) playing brutally tried to open the center, but as in most Sicilian, black is always ready for a blunder.

Movsesian - Short, Reggio Emilia 2011

In Hasting, UK, the traditional Hasting Open also happening. This historical event mostly celebrated by local players. David Howell shows great deal in the beginning phase of game but Indian Sengupta won this, ahead of favorite French's Edouard Romain. For Indonesian readers, the interesting story is a report by event official FM Steve Giddin on Chkartina Gerhana (2014). Can be read on Chessbase article :

Eames,Robert - Chkartina, Gerhana, Hasting 2011

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  1. Gerhana juga berhasil mendapat gelar WIM serta mendapat hadiah sebagai pemain wanita terbaik dan pemain di bawah rating 2200 terbaik


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