Thursday, July 2, 2009

Indonesia Chess Games - GM Joerg Hickl vs Dede Liu

Indonesia's IM Dede Liu is rated 2419 at July 09 list. He was one of the 90s generation. Here at 1996 International Grandmaster Gunadarma tournament he performed sturdy by drawing against GM Flacnic, Krasenkow, Gurevich and Ivan Sokolov. On the last round (9) he gained his luck by beating eccentric Dutch GM Joerg Hickl. The game open with a hyper modern style with no white pieces on more than 3rd rank after 10 moves!

The below game annotation were taken from Kristianus Liem report on local newspaper.

Berikut adalah salah satu artikel klasik dari surat kabar lokal di mana terdapat laporan pak Kristianus Liem mengenai salah satu master Internasional Indonesia, Dede Liu. Berikut partai kemenangannya di turnament grandmaster Gunadarma 1996 melawan GM unik dari Belanda, GM Joerg Hickl melalui pembukaan tak beraturan.

GM Joerg Hickl - IM Dede Liu
1996 Jakarta 0-1

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