Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Australia Open Chess Championship Round 1

As one of the place that saw the new year earlier than everyone elsewhere, Australia also continue the tradition to start year of chess with their own tournament. This year 2015 Australian Open Chess Championship is held in Castle Hill RSL, Sidney NSW. The event begin January 2nd 2015 and to lasted about 10 days. Events included are Open tournament, Blitz, and minors tournament. More information can be read in their official website here. It will be $ 15,350 prizes for Open section. The total fund available is about $ 20,000 for whole events.

Open section will be the battlefield of at least 10 grandmaster and many more titled players. GM Ni Hua (2677) is their first seeded, followed by GM Murtas Kazhgaleyev (2576). Australian GMs such as GM Zhao Zong-Yuan (2569) and GM David Smerdon (2508) to followed next. Other notables competitors are IM Anton Smirnov, one of Aussie outstanding U20 and others. Events will be broadcasted live in HERE.

After Round 1, quick results are as follow:

1. Braguine, V. (0) 1925 0-1 GM Kazhgaleyev (0) 2576
2. GM Ni, Hua (0) 2677 1-0 Wan, Kinto (0) 1948
3. GM Zhao, Z. (0) 2569 1-0 Saleh, Akef (0) 1923
4. Davis, Tony J (0) 1907 0-1 GM Smerdon, D. (0) 2508
5. GM Papin, Vasily (0) 2505 1-0 Tsai, Charles (0) 1922
6. Lovejoy, D. (0) 1917 0-1 IM Illingworth (0) 2468

see chess-result page.

First round photo impressions

GM Ni Hua as top seed in 2015 Australian Open Chess Championship

GM Ni Hua defeated his opponent, Wan Kinto in 14 moves Caro-Kann

GM Zhao Zong-Yuan in 2015 Australian Open Chess Championship
GM David Smerdon in background

GM Zhao Zong-Yuan

GM Rustam Khusnutdinov 

GM Khusnutdinov, he is one of tutor that actively involved in Indonesian chess scenes

all photos generously provided by my friend on site R.S.

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