Friday, November 28, 2014

Garry Kasparov vs Yoshiharu Habu Rapid Chess Match 2014

Today, on November 28th 2014, Garry Kasparov was having a rapid match games against Japanese IM Yoshiharu Habu. Yoshiharu is Shogi champion in Japan and having FIDE chess rating 2486. The match was stream online on Japanese streaming service, you can viewed it here while it lasted.

The match went 2-0 for Garry Kasparov of course, though with enough fight from the Japanese challenger. Both games went into endgames where Kasparov simply outplayed his 2400 opponents. A quick notes on Yoshiharu can be found on the website and translated here.

Yoshiharu Habu

Born September 27, 1970, born in Saitama Prefecture. Remember the chess in first grade elementary school, and admission to encourage meetings in the sixth grade. 1985, pro-filled at the age of 15. 1996, achieving the chess world's first 7 large title monopoly.

Title fight appeared 119 times, successive first place in career winning the title number of total 90 quarters. November 2014 currently holds the Four Crown of master-throne-throne-Jowa.

While the ex World Champion are given :

Garry Kasparov

Born April 13, 1963, and takes the seat of the chess world champion in the 22-year-old the youngest, and continued to hold the world champion title between 15 years. Retired from chess tournament in March 2005. Politicians that the pro-democracy movement now. Chess ability It is said that holds the ability to enter the world TOP10 even now.

Kasparov is playing against it as "representative of the human race", chess dedicated computer IBM has developed "Deep Blue". In 1996 and the battle that took place in 1997 result one win and one loss. Kasparov wanted a rematch but, IBM side would be to terminate the project, eventually rematch was never carried out.

See chess games of
Garry Kasparov vs Yoshiharu Habu 1-0, Reti Opening
Partai Catur cepat Garry Kasparov vs Yoshiharu Habu 2014, Jepang:
ガルリ・カスパロフ vs 羽生善治チェス対局 ROUND 1

Yoshiharu Habu vs Garry Kasparov  0-1, Modern Defence
ガルリ・カスパロフ vs 羽生善治チェス対局 ROUND 2

Garry Kasparov vs Yoshiharu Habu , Rapid Chess Match 2014

With traditional chess board by local presentator

the "HP point (health points)" indicator on top is the position evaluation, must be familiar to Japanese fighting games lover

Round 2, Shogi champion Yoshiharu Habu vs chess champion Garry Kasparov, 2014

Kasparov given post games analysis


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