Friday, July 1, 2011

AAI Chess Final Round

Echoing another worldwide internet report on this excellent tournament, I also expressed big impression on it. Not only the line up consist of interesting player I like (Hou Yifan ...(uh struggling), Wesley!, Caruana etc) vs the host Indian stars , Sasikiran ( veteran now) and Negi. The result reflects the fighting spirit on board, very less percentage of draws result and all interesting fight. More on that, the Indian timezone perfectly fit our South East Asia wake up eye.

Final round playing were :
Negi - Laznicka - 0.5
Caruana - So - 0.5
Hou - Sasikiran - 0.5

Caruana is on best standing so far, playing So that vanished chances to be champion in India, but Sasikiran now playing Hou the less point player from the start of tournament. Will be another fighting final round to come.

Final standings after the tenth round:

7 points – Fabiano Caruana (Italy)
6 – Krishnan Sasikiran (India)
5.5 – Viktor Laznicka (Czech rep)
5 – Wesley So (Philippines)
3.5 – Parimarjan Negi (India)
3 – Hou Yifan (China)

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