Monday, February 7, 2011

Alexandra Kosteniuk Queen of Moscow 2011

It is an ex Chess Queen that re-Queening in Young GM Women, Moscow. Seeing the last standing of this event :

1. Kosteniuk, Alexandra 6.5 age 26
2. Munguntuul, Batkhuyag 6.5  age 23
3. Zhao, Xue 5  age 25
4. Gunina, Valentina 5 age 22
5. Girya, Olga 3.5
6. Zawadzka, Jolanta 3.5
7. Kashlinskaya, Alina 3 
8. Galojan, Lilit 3
9. Ambartsumova, Karina 2
10. Fominykh, Maria 2

Well, this time they are using a more proper timeline for the term "Young". Understandable, GM Hou Yifan age 16 is not qualified for underage ;p
And the "male" counterpart was taken place as well. This time it was Boris Grachev standing solely on top, ahead of many Young GM from the other world. That' right, again no underage chess wizards the like of Wesley So, Anish Giri, Caruana, Carlsen, or Nyzhnik. Not all Russian player arounds, GM Robert Hess from USA was participating, but so far he is seriously in trouble with the Sicilian Opening. Losing fours of white games to this opening, and this is one of them:
Robert Hess - Sanan Sjugirov
Lots of D,E,F category also taken place in Moscow, and results are here. After this Moscow is preparing for the more famous Aeroflot Open, where Gata Kamsky is top seeded.

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