Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chess at Asian Games 2010 - Team Match

In a more prestigious chess event in Asian Games, the Team Match started yesterday. 17 teams looking for a gold to please their nation. Asian Games is dominated by China who is excel in multi sports, weaker countries can only rely on 'speciality' sports to stealth the medal, like chess. Getting medal for those weaker countries is like an automatic national success... so much to promote that this match event is a win or die battlefield.

In paradox to above 'preface' I just found that Indonesia is not participating in the team match, look like we only sent GM Megaranto Susanto and WGM Irene K. Sukandar for the Individual Rapid. And to much surprise I also just realise that Singapore is not take part of any chess section as well! Seeing how actively Singapore Federation cultivating their young chess player I strongly question why they are not present in Guangzhou.

Semifinalist play off and MEDALs Standing:

1. China - Gold
2. Phillipine - Silver
3. India - Bronze
4. Iran

1. China - Gold
2. Uzbekistan - Silver
3. Vietnam - Bronze
4. India

See chess-result page for this event. And LIVE Page.

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