Monday, January 18, 2010

Corus 2010, Shirov and Sicilian Wins

From the start of 2010 year, the Sicilian defence produced some of notable fighting games so far. The Bursa Team Champion see some of it (Gashimov - Grischuk) and the now in Corus 2010 we have a lot of them. The Opening serves well for both side, White also wins some for round 3, it is a Black (side) day.

Round 3 see tournament leader Shirov continue his success with a win over Sergey Tiviakov in 31 moves of Closed Sicilian. Tiviakov choose 1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.Bb5 and Black answered with 3..Nd4! attacking White Bishop and early taking over of White's initiative. Nakamura also put more misery to Short in
B58 Sicilian Boleslavsky, while Ivanchuck defeated Jan Smeets in Sicilian Najdorf.

Round 3 Standing :
1. Shirov 3
2-3. Carlsen, Nakamura 2½
4. Ivanchuk 2
5-8. Dominguez, Karjakin, Anand, Kramnik 1½
9-12. Tiviakov, Caruana, Leko, van Wely 1
13-14. Smeets, Short ½

In Group B, Wesley So still keep the best for another round after his draw to USA Akobian. But So already hold draw Naiditsch and L'Ami, two of toughest in this Group. He still need to prove himself with another hard encounter to Nisipeanu, another child prodigy Anish Giri and Chinese Ni Hua. Anish Giri and Ni Hua is now leading with 2.5 point.

In Group C, Ray Robson is catched up by Italian Vocaturo and favorite Li Chao (b). This group also see four games in Sicilian. Vocaturo vs van Kempen is a White side win but Kuiper-Gupta, Bok-Lie and Plukkel-Li Chao all is a Black side victories.

TWIC report

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