Thursday, October 15, 2009

America's Strongest Women and Youngest GM

A bit too late but here the stories to fill up my blog. The U.S. Women’s Chess championship 2009 ended this week with excellent victory by IM Anna Zatonskih. Anna scored 8.5/9 and secured the title in spare of a round. In her last round she dully defeated a young talent , singers and enterpreneur NM Yun Fan. This is then a second in a row for Anna to win US no.1 title. She was also the winner of the 2008 edition, remembered for its notorious last round armageddon games between Anna and Irina Krush.

Final Standing US Women's Chess Champ. 2009 :
1. Anna Zatonskih 8½
2. Camilla Baginskaite 6½
3. Alisa Melekhina 5½
4. Irina Krush 5½
5. Tatev Abrahamyan 4
6. Sabina Foisor 3½
7. Rusudan Goletiani 3½
8. Iryna Zenyuk 3
9. Battsetseg Tsagaan 2½
10. Yun Fan 2½

NM Yun Fan scored two victories over R.Goletiani and T.Abrahamyan, she is a new chess celebs for real. And she is also a singer, check it here.

Complete games with annotation here.

Meanwhile, the long waited IM Ray Robson now also officially GM Ray Robson. Robson scored a fantastic 8/9 in his latest tournament, the PanAmp Junior Championship. After defeated all 7 opponents, in round 8 Ray take a draw in a winning position to secured the prize and his last GM norm. He also draw his last round to FM Bryan Macias. Ray officially the youngest GM in the world now, he is 14 years and 11 months this week. Formerly the youngest GM is Anish Giri, now Anish is 15 years old. And also not confused with the term 'the youngest to achieved GM', which is by Sergey Karjakin on 12 years and 7 months old. Stories Chessvibes and Susan Polgar.

This year US baptismed four new GMs, Robert Hess, Alex Lenderman, Ben Finegold and Ray Robson.

But wait! Susan Polgar also posted interesting fact from Latin America. The Peruvian FM Jorge Cori also has a buzz for being (even more) youngest living GM , he is on 14 years and 2 months now. He is believed to got his latest GM norm in International Marcel Duchamp Championship in Argentina. Story here. So let's wait and see on how the story developed later.

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