Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shirov wins Mtel, Gelfand wins ACP 2009

As GM Hikaru Nakamura, age 21, won this year US Championship, the chess world seems likely to fell under the hand of youngster. But in the last two of the great tournament of May the "experience" players bounced back. GM Alexey Shirov, age 36, came to win 2009 MTEL at Bulgaria, half point in front of another youngster Magnus Carlsen,age 18.

In celebration to this, two more "experience" master, Peter Svidler, age 32, and Boris Gelfand of Israel, age 40, vanished their (former) youngster Alexander Grischuk and Dmitry Jakovenko, both age 25. The two finalist played last night in the 3rd ACP World Rapid Cup under the rapid game time control. Boris Gelfand clinched the title last night. I saw the very last game (round 4) where Boris played black. After 50 up moves seems like Svidler will won this round with closed eye with extra pawns extra pieces but then ......

position after 55...Rxa3
56.Bxd5 ?? Ra1+ white resign. Ronen Har-Zvi from Chess Magazine will like this for his favorite "Blunder" article.

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