Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chess Opening Classic :French Defence part 1

Article pembukaan catur oleh Lugito Hayadi yang dipublikasi Bola tahun 90an, kali ini membahas mengenai pembelaan Prancis.

This time I bring to you articles for French Defence. Lugito Hayadi published these for Bola Magazine back in 90s.

notes on Indonesian chess notation can be seen on my previous post.

Illustrated game used in Part I :
Rogers vs Velimirovic, 0-1 , 1989

Illustrated games used in Part II:
Oll vs Vaganian, 1/2-1/2,Oddesa 1989 (but the article said it is in US?)
Blatny vs Vaganian, 1-0, Haifa 1989
Abramovic vs Kovacevic, 0-1, Yugo 1989
Nunn vs Timman, 0-1, Rotterdam 1989
Kamsky vs Lalic, 1-0 , 1989
Chandler vs King, 1/2-1/2 , Plymouth 1989

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